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130 movies and series in the sentimental category

A Sort of Homecoming
Ace news producer Amy is called back to her Louisiana hometown where memories of what used to be -- and what might have been -- come flooding back.
8 November 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 88 minutes
When a dispute breaks out between five siblings over their mother’s property, one devoted son will go to any lengths to protect her land.
3 November 2018 | Movie | 2018 | 123 minutes
Years after rejecting Barfii, a hearing and speech impaired young man, for a more "appropriate" suitor, Shruti finds herself falling for him.
3 November 2018 | Movie | 2012 | 143 minutes
Been So Long
A single mother in London's Camden Town hears music when she meets a handsome stranger with a past. But she's not sure she's ready to open her heart.
3 November 2018 | Movie | 2018 | 100 minutes
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
A boy watches an egg he found hatch into something incredible. But how long can he keep such a big secret from his mom -- and the Scottish government?
3 November 2018 | Movie | 2007 | 111 minutes
A young man returns to his native village on a mission of vengeance after his father commits suicide in the wake of false accusations.
3 November 2018 | Movie | 2013 | 139 minutes
Martian Child
A recently widowed science-fiction writer adopts a 6-year-old boy to quell his loneliness. The catch? The kid claims to be from Mars.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2007 | 107 minutes
Harry and Snowman
With only a strong will and a cheap horse, a former agent of the Dutch underground in World War II sets out to become a champion show jumper.
18 October 2018 | Documentaries | 2015 | 82 minutes
Tini: The New Life of Violetta
After completing a world tour, a teen pop star spends the summer at an Italian villa to recover from heartbreak and grow into a mature artist.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2016 | 99 minutes
Pay It Forward
A young, thoughtful boy responds to a school assignment with a plan to help three people who will, in turn, help three more, and so on.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2000 | 123 minutes
El Clon
Religion thwarted Lucas and Jade's young love. They reunite decades later, but Jade's heart is torn between the man she knew and his younger clone.
18 October 2018 | Show | 2010
Santa's Apprentice
Young orphan Nicolas learns how to guide a sleigh, slide down chimneys and other duties he'll need when he becomes the next Santa Claus.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2010 | 71 minutes
While We're Young
A documentary filmmaker struggling with a creative block meets a vibrant young hipster couple who, initially, bring new energy into his life and work.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 97 minutes
The Royle Family
Follow the day-to-day banalities of the Royles, a motley crew of lazies who spend their days smoking, squabbling and sequestered in front of the TV.
18 October 2018 | Show | 2006
Touched by Auschwitz
This documentary explores the human legacy of the Holocaust through the post-liberation experiences of six Auschwitz survivors.
18 October 2018 | Documentaries | 2015 | 87 minutes
Come What May
Fleeing advancing Nazi forces in May 1940, a group of French villagers are trailed by a Scottish soldier and a German dissenter searching for his son.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 113 minutes
Orphaned at age 5, curly-haired Heidi is sent to live with her gruff recluse of a grandfather in the Swiss Alps and soon thaws his frozen heart.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2015 | 111 minutes
Country Crush
A city girl falls for a country boy who follows her to New York, but their romance may be over when she must choose between love and a music career.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2016 | 96 minutes
Fed up with bullies, bookish Cal joins his high school wrestling team with hopes that his estranged older brother will help him and rejoin the family.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 2010 | 107 minutes
An American Tail
Fievel, a young Russian mouse, immigrates to America and must make his own way in the strange and sometimes perilous new world.
18 October 2018 | Movie | 1986 | 80 minutes
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The Desert Bride
While traveling across Argentina to a new job, a longtime maid encounters a salesman who opens her eyes to life's beauty and possibilities.
A war veteran plagued by guilt over his final mission teams up with his best friend's widow to infiltrate a dangerous Copenhagen biker gang.
The Crew
After an unexpected misstep, a crew of skilled Parisian robbers find themselves forced to carry out a daring heist for a powerful crime organization.