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People Just Do Nothing
Spinning old-school beats is just another day at the office for the naive DJs of a pirate radio station who juggle family life with their passion.
25 September 2016 | Show | 2015
Love Deposit
The owner of a cafe where sweethearts leave video love notes for one another could find romance himself when a jilted woman returns to his shop.
25 September 2016 | Movie | 2013 | 93 minutes
When animal species all over the world begin attacking humans, controversial zoologist Jackson Oz tries to discover the cause of the sudden change.
25 September 2016 | Show | 2015
The Love Flu
Four lovesick patients seek help at a clinic for individuals with emotional problems and learn that sometimes, other people are the best medicine.
25 September 2016 | Movie | 2013 | 86 minutes
Small Apartments
Franklin Franklin has a dead landlord and an investigator questioning him, but none of this fazes him as he waits for a letter that will set him free.
25 September 2016 | Movie | 2012 | 92 minutes
See No Evil
Eight juvenile delinquents are stalked by a psychopathic killer when they're ordered to clean an abandoned hotel as an act of community service.
25 September 2016 | Movie | 2006 | 83 minutes
This drama follows the true story of a former jock turned general manager who uses unusual methods to bring the best players to the Oakland A's.
25 September 2016 | Movie | 2011 | 133 minutes
Chicken Little
No one believes Chicken Little when he tries to warn of an alien invasion -- so it's up to him and his misfit friends have to save the world!
25 September 2016 | Movie | 2005 | 81 minutes
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This gritty drama charts the exploits of Viking hero Ragnar Lothbrok as he extends the Norse reach by challenging an unfit leader who lacks vision.
24 March 2015 | Show | 2015
A Noble Intention
In 1888 Amsterdam, a headstrong violin maker finds himself immersed in peril and tragedy after challenging businessmen who threaten his community.
1 September 2016 | Movie | 2015 | 110 minutes
Josef Fritzl: Story of a Monster
Pointed interviews and rare footage reveal the horrific case of Josef Fritzl, who for decades brutalized and sexually assaulted his own daughter.
2 August 2015 | Documentaries | 2010 | 48 minutes
When he impresses a big lawyer with his razor-sharp mind, a college dropout scores a coveted associate job, even though he has no legal credentials.
1 July 2015 | Show | 2013
Peaky Blinders
A notorious gang in 1919 Birmingham, England, is led by the fierce Tommy Shelby, a crime boss set on moving up in the world no matter the cost.
24 March 2015 | Show | 2013
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
This animated adventure set in the Old West tells the tale of Spirit, a mustang born in the wild who is captured by cruel cavalry officers.
24 March 2015 | Movie | 2002 | 84 minutes
People Just Do Nothing
Spinning old-school beats is just another day at the office for the naive DJs of a pirate radio station who juggle family life with their passion.
25 September 2016 | Show | 2015
The end of the Mayan civilization anchors this action-adventure set just before Spain's conquest of Mexico and Central America.
24 March 2015 | Movie | 2006 | 137 minutes
Expected soon on Netflix
7 October 2016
The Ranch - Season 1, Part 2
TV series
14 October 2016
Haters Back Off
TV series
21 October 2016
Black Mirror
TV series
21 October 2016
Midnight Diner
TV series
4 November 2016
The Crown
TV series
17 November 2016
TV series
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